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Getting my feet wet with AngularJS

I’m currently working on a project that started out as a regular MVC application, but as the requirements grew it became quite clear that we had to focus more on the client side. One of the requirements was that we had to have an audio player that played continuously as you browsed the different pages. And that forced us to redo some of the code so that it became an Single Page Application (SPA). So began the quest for a JS framework that could help us with routing and building dynamic views. We sought after a framework that had good separation of concerns, was easily extended and testable. The alternatives was many (KnockoutJS, Ember, Backbone, Durandal, AngularJS), and that’s just scratching the surface.

I started with these based of several criteria: usage in the .net community, traction on github, documentation, issues on stackoverflow and how deterministic they are. As I tested each and everyone of those I looked for how they solved routing, templating and data handling. I took one use case and solved with each framework, much like where a ToDo application is solved in different MVC framworks.


Arnstein Johansen is a .NET Developer with a speciality in web development, but he also dabbles in mobile development and everything new and exciting. Arnstein works for Itema AS, a mid-size consultant agency in Trondheim. Itema has 25 consultants and recently won the prize for Norway's best workplace. He likes to share his knowledge by holding talks for others, either it is clients, colleagues or likeminded developers in user groups. He has hands-on experience from large projects, the latest from Urørt where he leads a team of developers creating a music service used by around 100000 users.

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