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Xamarin.Forms Crash course

I was invited by Microsoft to hold a session at a Xamarin meetup in Oslo, and I was of course happy to oblige. It was a full day event with a few sessions and a workshop at the end of the day. My talk focused on Xamarin.Forms and how one would get quickly up and running building an app.

I have used Xamarin for years, but now I feel the framework is mature enough to use in large scale production apps. Xamarin got a lot of attention the when Microsoft acquired them. Microsoft made Xamarin available for free with Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio Community and made the code open source. With the increased user mass, we can expect increased support, both officially and in other channels like Stack Overflow, Slack or Xamarin forums. Microsoft can now offer a better story to their developers, .Net developers can create apps for just about every platform with C# (or F#).

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Debugging local nuget packages in Visual Studio

It is not uncommon to have projects where you include local libraries in the form of a nuget package instead of adding the library as a reference. There can be several reasons for this, maybe you have a library that you use for several projects or you want to publish it to You could also consider using Submodules, but that’s a topic for another post. For this post I will show you how you can debug your local packages with breakpoints and all.

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Obscure issues for Xamarin iOS

I offer you a collection of fixes for some of the more obscure issues that I’ve encountered during my experience with Xamarin.iOS. This is the result of hours of head scratching and searching for solutions on Stack Overflow and Xamarin Forums.
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Calling an API with Bearer token using Postman

The Chrome extension Postman is a great tool for testing APIs. It is simple to use and have several useful features such as collections for easy retrieval of requests. If you need to test authentication or want to make requests where a Bearer token is required, you need to add a token to the header. Continue reading →

Obscure issues in Xamarin.Android

I have been developing apps with Xamarin for a while now and as a .Net developer, I prefer Visual Studio and C# over Android Studio and Java. Xamarin helps me out a lot, but even they can’t fix all of those pesky Android issues.
The error messages returned by Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio are not always clear, but I recommend that you select Detailed or Diagnostic log output, so you might get a better clue.

This is a small collection of some of issues that I have encountered, and what I did to fix them.
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ES 2015 – Worth the wait?

Part II

This is a summary of a presentation about ES 2015 that I held for the Trondheim Developer Conference(TDC) 2015. Check out my presentation on Vimeo, but I have to warn you, it is in Norwegian. Continue reading →

ES 2015 – Worth the wait?

Part I

This is a summary of a presentation that I held for the Trondheim Developer Conference(TDC) 2015. Check out my presentation on Vimeo, but I have to warn you, it is in Norwegian. Continue reading →

React – Should you even bother?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to hold a 30-minute talk for NNUG, a Norwegian .net user group. My topic of the day was React. I have been using React for a couple of months now, creating a mobile app together with Phonegap. I have previously held talks about Angular based on my experience with several Angular applications. Having experience in both, as well as several other MV* JavaScript frameworks, I was able to make comparisons and offer the attendees a few of my insights. Continue reading →

Staying current

As a developer you are constantly bombarded with new libraries, updates to frameworks, new versions of your tools and new suggestions in the way you ought to work. It can be hard for everyone to keep up, especially since we are paid to write code, not to read blog posts or books.

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